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Technical Writing

Over the past years I’ve written press releases, appeals for sponsorship and item donations, letters of reference, and magazine recruitment articles, English curriculum units, and 500-level literature research papers.

Sponsorship Request Letter

This letter is used each year to secure sponsorships for the annual fundraising event.

Robotics Press Release

Public Relations Mentor

This press release is just one of many projects I work on with my PR Student Committee during robotics season each year.

Auction Donation Request

This letter is used by volunteers to secure items for both the silent and live auction portions of the annual fundraising event.

Recruitment Article

Gadsden-Anniston Christian Magazine publishes its Guide to Christian Private Schools each May.

English Curriculum Unit

Graduate Student | University of West Alabama

Why Do We Believe What We Believe? A Curriculum Unit on Cognitive Bias

Research Paper

Research in Literary Studies

EH 501 Final Research

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