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Kind words from even kinder people.

David Clemons

Editor & Publisher, The Walton Tribune

Emily did a fantastic job as a journalist during our time together at the Times-Journal newspaper in Fort Payne, Alabama. She covered her beat well – so well that I often heard from people she covered in local governments. They may not have liked what was in the paper, but it wasn’t because of bad reporting. In fact, she often earned praise for being thorough and tenacious, whether it was covering a City Council meeting or a presidential visit. Her columns were thought-provoking as well – something that’s tough to do in a small town. I have seen too that she cares about her students in her second career as a teacher. She’s working to make sure they have a well-rounded education that prepares them to be critical thinkers. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information.

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Jennifer Foster

Director, Rebecca O. Turner Faculty Commons at Jacksonville State University

I first met Emily as a student in an English elective course I taught.  She was one of whom I could turn to when I needed to spark discussion; she was never uninvolved or disinterested, but always willingly thoughtful and articulate. I followed her career as a writer and reporter, and enjoyed watching her transition into a role that allowed her to pass along her deep love of reading and writing.

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Melissa Gaines

Photographer, Wordsouth – A Content Marketing Company

Emily is by-far one of my favorite colleagues. She exudes raw talent, shows grace and professionalism under pressure and is a joy to work with. She is organized and makes managing projects look easy.

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